• Name: TZH Series
  • No.: 301

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1. Altitude: not exceed 1000m.
2. Cooling air temperature: 258~313K (-15oC~40oC).
3. Relative air humidity: not exceed 90%.


TZH series generators are made as per standard JB/T8981-1999. And in conformity to IEC34-1. Protection class: IP21, Insulation Class B or F. The rotor structure is Concealed type. Performance is more reliable.
TZH series generators have five advantages comparing with STC series generators.
Compound excitation, simple circuit, high reliability, easy maintenance. Excellent dynamic characteristics, when load or unload suddenly, the circuit's light will not twinkle.
Strong starting system, even the motors only with its 70% capacity volume can be directly started and the switch will not trip.
Approaching sine voltage wave and regulated power supply, output voltage can be safely used on computers.
The deviation of the 3-phase line voltage will be less than 3% when the generators undertake unbalanced loading.

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