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Fujian Fuan Keliang Electrical Machinery Co.,Ltd and Fujian Fuan Yongheng Electrical Machinery Co.,Ltd. was established in July of 1999, which is mainly engaged in production and sales of electric motors, generators, water pumps, small-type machine set and parts and auxiliary equipment. The company’s address is 43 Budou Booth, Qinxiyang Industrial Zone, Fu’an City. It has two shareholders: Chen Liangquan and Deng Jianguang. And Chen Liangquan is the legal representative of the company. The company’s registered capital is 10.66 million Yuan, among which Chen Liangquan contributes 5,436.6 thousand Yuan, accounting for 51% and Deng Jianguang contributes 5,223.4 thousand Yuan, accounting for 49%. The company’s existing fixed asset is more than 45 million Yuan and the factory covers an area of 11,0000 square meters, among which the construction area is 16,000 square meters. The company now has 310 employees, among whom there are 12 professional technicians. The company has financial department, production department, technical department, foreign trade department, quality management department and supply department. And its workshops are divided into winding, inlay and whole line workshop, motor workshop, generator workshop, water pump workshop, painting workshop, punching workshop, die-casting workshop and generator set workshop. It also owns product testing equipment with good performance and laboratories. The company’s main products are motors of Y2, Y3, YC, MS, MY and other series, generators of ST, STC and other series, water pumps of QB, CPM, JET and other series and so on. In 1999, the company passes Permit Acceptance of National Export Product Quality, gets quality license of export product and self-support export right, and passes ISO9002 Quality Management System Certification, CE Product Quality Certification, and EU ROSH Certification and so on. All these lay a good foundation for the company’s further expanding of export. The products keep a foothold in domestic and foreign markets and they are mainly exported to countries and regions in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa and Europe.

The company’s management layer takes “Team work spirit” as the guide and it is a cautious and conscientious, serious and responsible work team with solid professional knowledge. The company’s general manager Chen Liangquan is the leader of Fu’an motor industry. He establishes Mindong Electric Pump and Motor Factory in 1991, which is changed into Fu’an Yongheng Motor Co., Ltd later on and he has rich management and social experience.

In order to research and develop new products, the company introduces new technology and experienced technical staff. The company owns strong technical force and it will conduct improvement, research and development from enhancing design and manufacturing level of small motor and using new materials, structures and principles. Diesel generator set’s improvement is also the important project of 2012. Now there is breakthrough progress in management, technology, production and other aspects. The quality inspection department strengthens management on product quality by using brand new machine unit testing equipment.

The company expands product sales through multiple channels of sales. Firstly, in the international market, the company establishes the portal website of its own brand to use international website of Alibaba and Global Sources. It invites specially-assigned person to timely maintain all web pages of the company, increases publicity of products, lets products enter into international market through electronic commerce platform, opens foreign trade offices in Fuzhou city and expands enrollment of export sales personnel to make it more convenient for development of international selling operation. Secondly, in domestic market, the company establishes offices and sales shops in Changzhou as sale points of domestic sales and gradually enters into various large domestic motor commerce cities like Huizhou, Dongguan, Weifang and so on to increase the pace to occupy domestic market. At the same time, the company actively participates in domestic and foreign product exhibitions and it achieves good benefit.

The company has been always regarding “innovation” as the root, grasping the opportunity and looking for new ideas and directions. It ceaselessly does work of product excellently, finely and precisely to seek greater space for the company’s continuous development.